Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Cosmic mic
Cause cosine use
Sine shine whine
Cosmetic tic tac tie
Métier tiers tyre
Tears emitter
Cosmopolitan tan
Lit polity mop
Asymptomatic asymptotes
Litotes osmosis
Sister terse tergiverse
Verse rehearse
Ear serve reserve
Trial extraordinary
Rest on terrace trace
Race of ace
Pacemaker peace
Iamb what are you?
Who is a hat
That rat
Allusion ion allures
Fusion unison son
On fuss
Suffice suffuse fuse
Use ruse
Muse abuse
Abstruse truce
Abstract tract
An act
Tact tectonic
A tonic for tone
A ticket for a wicket
Picket pick pocket
Poking king
Jam am mental tally
Ally enjoying yin yang
Angular gully
Ululate late
Ate tea
Attics trucks
Where here
How do you call it quits
Wits of Wittgenstein
Generate berate
Be rate terrible Terra firma
Firm denial
Daniel Dan
Can you find an onion
On an ion annointed
By annoying Ted
Determinant ditto
It to indite diction
Dictate dictionary
Fiction stationary
Tat for tit
At Attila till
Ill will kill
Fulfill the promise
Roam prom
Ram am
Rise mice rice wise
Lice ice thrice as good
Wooden goo den gone
One woo with the wind
Indie horror or die
Lie not forethought
Hot rot
Otiose transpose pose
Trance prance France
An ounce of menace
Men ace
Why our
Hyper hour
Per hyphen
Hen hype
Web ebb
Flow low
Site sit
Edit ditto torpor
Porous load
Ding dong long
Song swan wan
Pallid vain rain
Tainted detained
Beta determinate
Minatory minutes
Minimum natation
Nuts sutures respite
Piteous pity
Typical calcium calculated
Culinary linen
Line email
Ailments entomology
Tomb of ombudsmen
Buds bombs dumb shibboleth
Lathe machine
Matches catches
Cat chest at behest of bee
Beetroot root
Beaten ten roots
Boots of das
The days of yes
Fused us missus
Fuss unnecessary
Cesspool tool
Essential cool
Pool car
Ballpark dark arc
Rack rucksack
Duck crack
Go pluck
Luck muck

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