The List of Movies!

This is a response to writing prompt list:

1. Inland Empire:

By David Lynch. Mystery. It’s still the best mystery movie I have ever watched. It’s crafted using a dreamlike sequence of images. His silent movie Rabbits is included into the narrative to create a brilliant effect. I was, am and shall always remain in awe of this masterpiece until I see something better.

2. Waking Life

Richard Linklater”s masterpiece is the best animated movie of its kind. It has philosophy and reality embedded in just the proper proportions. Dream is the destiny if you chose number four.

3. The Grave of Fireflies

This is the most powerful tragedy ever created onscreen in its effectiveness. The scene in which the young one asks if he should call a doctor for his elder brother tore my heart and eyes like never before. That such a situation could arise because of our being too power hungry and warlike and insensitive to the suffering of our neighbours, just haunts you as a haunting existential nightmare.

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