Narmada, Death, Pigs, Polythene, Vishakhapatnam, Suicide and Narada!

1. We had a brief discussion on effect of Corona. We seemed to agree on improvement in air quality. Narmada and Godavari couldn’t be cleansed even after big movements and activists like Medha Patkar sacrificed their lives for the cause. Godhead heard them and Narmada is cleaner. It works in mysterious ways.

2. Deaths:

Look at the tally. Today’s newspaper says 2 crore children will be born this year. Even in USA it would be 30 lakh births. USA being the top contributor to the Deathalymoixs would gain at least 26 lakh lives this year. Population explodes further in India. Old people were dying before. Why use the guise of a Virus managed by the states and central government with the help of a system of journalists who are either sold or are too scared to see the naked emperor roaming the streets without clothes.

May 8, 2020, Aditya.

3. Polythene and Polymer

Styrene gas leak on Thursday in morning hours, killed about 11 people and many others including police and rescue team as well as flora and fauna in the 5 kilometres area surrounding the chemical factory owned by a South Korean company. The factory was previously owned by default magnate Vijay Mallya. It’s an irrelevant info. Like this: Vishakha constellation influence ends and the event happened in Vishakha Pattnam. Pattnam means a bandargaah or a port. Vishakha means sub-bra ch. With Narada Jayanti the month of Jyesh tha begins. The biggest heaviest Dharma as Sun drinks most of the water from your body and you absorb greatest amount of Sunlight. Mythical hero of Mahabharata epic who was named Yudhisthira had this constellation. His name can be broken down into: Yudh and Sthira, which means the one who remains steadfast among vicissitudes or in the face of war. He went to heavens with his body. He ruled Indraprastha for 36 years.

Coming to normal: breaking off of the tangent: polyethylene or single use plastic ban is the government sponsored joke of this decade. Like flying cars being available to all and sundry by the year 2015. Smartphones are indeed available to most of us and I thank those who envisioned a 2020 with many hands using most modern computers in their pockets. I really do. Internet had improved my knowledge base and now smartphone is the only tool to meaningfully connect with cross ethnic groups. But where are the flying cars? That was a fiction like Arthur C. Clarke’s odysseys culminating in 2016.

I have to mostly remove single use plastic from drainage system outside my house as I burn the garbage. Most of the garbage is polythene bags. Why did they announce that they were going to ban it? Another suggestion is to not show warnings for alcohol and cigarette smoking and drinking. Be it TV or movies or packs or bottles. Don’t do that. People know the risk. My father, a chain smoker since the age of 14 years is 55 now. He filled an unspeakable amount of poison in our young lungs since childhood and we were suffering from bronchitis asthma etc. He looks hail and hearty. Don’t print warnings for everyone knows that Liquor and other toxins can’t be banned. In my walks someone or the other spits just as they see me walking. Sometimes it’s throng of people and now I know it’s not offensive. UP and Madhya Pradesh are states of Gutka eaters and paan masala guys who do as they please for they had attained Bramhjnana. They keep coughing and sneezing all day long and never take care of their bodies which have been sold to Devil and its advocates.

4. Pigs without Pepperwork:

Today 1000 labourers arrive here from Delhi. My father in a team of 5 is working to enlist the people who are diagnosed for the symptoms of Corona by the medical staff. I had downloaded the Aarogya Sethu application by the Ayush department of India. I took the survey and it declared me healthy. The blue tooth thing didn’t work as there were no cases (how could there be?) Hence I deleted the app. It had asked me if I was willing to volunteer for service to the cause and I said yes. Nobody approached me. I offered my voluntary services to enlist people with my father this morning as I want occassionally to escape this complex where trapped air has mostly the frustrated blabbering of my siblings, mother, father and grandmother. They have lost their jobs and feel insecure about their futures. By escaping from this complex for a few hours I would have breathed in some fresh air but the stadium as well as ashram are still locked. Where do I go? No matter where I go people look at me with suspicion and mockery. Mostly because of the clothes I wear as I use only a pair of them for being minimalist and I need to wash them as my parents haven’t spent even 2K on my clothes in a year. They had promised to take care of basics and not to interfere in my meditation. They left no stone unturned to ensure that I was not able to leave for another destination which might have been Tamil nadu, Hardwar or Rishikesh. Now I need to prove my worth on a daily basis to get a few crumbs.

Gist: they are like leaders who keep only the promises which are conducive to winning the elections.

Fear of death, fear of humiliation, mind control using police, media and battery as well as technology are key aspects of 21s century regime.

Municipal corporation promised to remove pigs. There are at least 25 pigs outside my house on a regular basis. There were none 5 years ago. Why are they proliferating? Neighborhood complains about not being able to feed cows who are useful animal.

4. Narada Jayanti

Marks the birth of sage Narada who is considered divine and an incarnation of lord Vishnu. He’s undoubtedly one of the most popular devotees in India. Only Hanuman, Dhruva and Prahlad come anywhere close to his impeccable reputation. Narayana, Narayana on his lips with a pair of cymbals and Veenaa in his hands, he’s the epitome of devotional Love. He features prominently in all of the greatest mythical stories. For example: he’s present as a counselor to Sage Vyasa in the Bhagvat Puran. He was the one who inspired him to create a song praising dancing darkness of grace. Bhagvat is a testament of grace. A song full of divine love. Narada is also present in Valmiki”s transformation event. He changed his heart by meeting the divine sage and became a creator of immortal epic of Ramayana. Narada is also present in the story of Dhruva and Prahlad. Vashishtha might come closer to the reputation of the divine journalist who was equally respected by angels and demons. With a time machine I would have loved to walk with Narada a few miles: hearing him chant Narayana, Narayana. The sage who gave Paanchratra and Narada Bhakti Su tra. My most humble obseianxe to one of the greatest among renunciates.

5. A bird chirped sweet as I woke up. It’s still twittering. Mrig Yoni, Devagana, Kolav Karana, Bramhin Varna, Gemini Ascendant with Mercury being the Atmakaraka in Sagittarius in Navamsa. Prati pada of Krishna Paksha begins. Jyesh tha month begins. Mercury rules the constellation. It’s Dharma dominant.

6. A labourer had to walk 1000 kilometres from Soora t Gujarat to Panna. He collapsed in Chhatarpur where he was taken care of by the medical staff and a gentleman gave him 500 rupees to help him.

7. A 37 year old government employee hanged himself to death in Panna. Reasons unknown. May he rest in peace. Please help raise awareness for euthanasia. Thanks for reading.

Time taken: 1 H 33 M.

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