The Friend of the World: VishwaMitra!

1. International Nurse Day.

2. 12.5.2020=23=5.

3. Subha Nitya Yoga: auspicious.

4. Kaal sharp Yoga.

5. Gemini rises with Rahu.

6. Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon in Uttarashadha. Ruled by Sun.

7. Atmakaraka Moon being in the same sign Sagittarius in navamsa and lagna.

8. Sun with Moon in Navamsa: royal assignment. In Sagittarius: fall from a high place.

9. Saturn retrograde.

10. Nakul Yoni. Gorakhnath. Mangoose. Fourth legitimate son of Kunti: wife of Pandu and fifth in total including Karana the son of Sun.

11. I am reading a book on linguistics given by a neighbour who is pursuing his master’s in English literature. I read about work of Patanjali, Panini and Katayayna and name of Patanjali as a linguist amazed me. Panini is considered the prime linguist in Sanskrit with his Ashta dhyayi being the authoritative book on the subject.

12. It’s Jiddu Krishnamurti birthday. His saying: you’re the world was a confirmation in college in 2005. An Einstein in metaphysics: perhaps the only thinker contemporary to Rajneesh Osho who was respected by him. I read his biography by Pupul Jayakar. What pained me most?

A. The manner of his awakening. Nitai, his brother suffered along with him.

B. His demise: he realised in the very end: that despite being the world teacher and a 12 cylinder engine–he had to suffer before shedding off the mortal coil. UG kept criticizing him all through his life but he was a major influence.

International Nurse Day: my ashram head in Jagannath Ghat, Jnana Gudri told me: he had decided to remain a renunciate: then once he was admitted in a hospital because of an electric shock and wanted to marry the nurse because of the change of his heart. His guru venerated Ishvara Puri made him marry in his own caste: following tradition.

13. It rained a bit. I bought a new earphone. This is what North Eastern skies look like from my roof this morning at 9:23 AM as I listen to Spotify : Aum Namaha Shivaya by Vaishnavi Brassey and company with a wonderful background music. I am grateful for the tea I had this morning. The biscuits, the fresh air, this ability to share my experience with you via Word Press.

14. I am participating in a prayer meeting in my neighborhood with my friend AT. His grandfather, a retired principal and a renowned astrologer along with his cousins join to chant Gayatri Mantra. The guided meditation is in the voice of Pandit Shriram Sharma, the founder of All World Gayatri Parivaar. And Dr. Pranav Pandya, M.D. We meditate for world peace spreading positive vibrations to help speedy recovery of all of us. Vishwa Mitra is the Drishta of this vedic mantra. His name means a friend of world. I feel good by saying this prayer in a group. A group where my voice is one of many.

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