Striving for a better station!

1. I read the local newspaper for grandma.

2. Did shopping for three clothes : couple of t-shirts and a lower. The lot would last for a year, hopefully. Spent 570/- ₹ on them.

3. Still looking for tuition jobs. Can’t apply online because of lack of PAN card. I have hated paperwork all my life.

4. After a very short stint in vegan experiment I realised socializing and tea party go hand in hand so why not as long as I can afford the coffee.

5. Gifting my used phone the basic Nokia model to grandma is an exercise I was waiting for in minimalism.

6. If I had a better mother I would have been a minimalist Saint. Wooly clothes and things in this room have teetered themselves to me thanks to her.

7. Neighborhood reminded me to watch Hollywood again: some quality food for mind forsooth. I can download a movie a day provided I give up on Osho Rajneesh and other sirens and also use Spotify. Spotify is a suggestion by Varjak whom I no longer see because of his orientation.

8. I am in want of a better season to continue with reading the constitution of India and linguistics. This room is a boiler most of the times. I can’t get a mosquito net else roof would have been a solace.

9. I am comfortable and numb. My reading is meagre these days but my listening has improved. Almost nothing happened today. I do plan on reading on Black holes.

10. By transit Sun changes sign. I measured my weight and it’s in ideal range as per the BMI range. I plan on maintaining it. Enema is a blessing whereas bike is a curse. A necessary evil. I had this balance only in college when I was working out for three years in a gym and then I let it be lost. Since 2011: I struggled to maintain my circulation and weight. Now I am comfortable but my greys and male pattern baldness along with my weak eyesight and slow reflexes can’t be hidden. I am grateful for what I have. I shall strive for a better station in life.

My mother is slightly overweight as well as severely argumentative. She considers herself perfect.

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