The Maximals City!

After the virus outbreak-USA with five other countries trialled China in the international court to which China resisted. Cold war became an all out third world war which lasted six years. Drones, Mind control and death rays were used to annihilate population down to six percent of global population.

Global warming melted Himalayas and other oceans overflow making Venice and New York sink. All minimalist cavers lived in jungles eating leaves or animal flesh until none were left.

They head towards the city where rest of the world the hoarders were living. All the banks had already sunk and only the ocean was everything. Visible from everywhere. Beggars and minimalism guys were dependent on mercy of hoarders now as it was the barter system which fed people on daily basis. The magicians flourished but they too were dependent on the six percent of city dwellers. it was a hot hell for the minimalist but it was the world at large. The essential goods every one carried with them at all times: masks, sanitizers, counters, bowl, enema pot and a book to read lest they fall ill or go cuckoo.

The city worshipped: Sun, Moon and Venus. Politicians, Warrior and Medical staff. Teachers, alchemists and artists.

All people were forced to marry or go out of the six Sigma city into the oblivion where minimalist often used to become fodder for Barbarian cannibals. Marriages provided rains for the city. food chain. gods. Six babies per family was a must. many mothers died and remarriage was a norm. only requirement for marriage was fertility. Those who couldn’t reproduce were shown out of the city walls and nobody was an exception to the prime law of reproduction which was to sustain tree of life. Magicians were living out of city walls and priests used to consult them time to time but priests and shamans of this strange city were not worshipped. they were merely a necessary profession like janitors or handymen. End.

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