Bodhi Chitta and Multiverse

Bodhisattva precedes a full blooming consciousness of Buddha. The vow to stop just before the Nirvana out of compassion. Is it merely accumulation of merits or something else. Shaiva Siddhanta limits the number of souls. That model is incompatible with Multiverse theory. Both can’t be true. How can Abrahamic religions espouse both multiverse and creator God. If indian theory of multiverse is compatible with quantum realms: the Bodhisattva is merely an archetype, necessary not indispensable. Since you stop before Nirvana you are deluded in to believing that someone needs to be saved. If there are innumerable beings you would never cross over. And if not crossing over was superior to Nibbana. You know Nibbana wouldn’t have existed. I am clearly aware that unfathomable ein sof can not be expressed. This is best I can do at this point.

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