Rudra and Ganeshvara!

Baaraat procession of lord Shiva. Courtesy: Geeta Press Gorakhpur. Shiv Maha purana. 13 edition.

1. Geeta Press Gorakhpur. Edition:13.

Page : 356. Verse:1: point:4. Rudra:

Means: one who removes suffering.

2. Compare this with the meaning given in the Bhagvat Puran: “one who cries.”

3. The word Guru means: “one who removes darkness.”

The teacher is the clarifier.

Gu is the root for darkness.

Ru is the root for removing.

Dra is root for misery. English: drastic.

4. Ibid: verse 4. Meaning 22.

Ganeshvara means ” lord of Prama thaganas.”

Prama thaganas means goblins and likes.

When I saw an image of lord Ganesha which seemed ferocious: I was wondering if it was a true representation of the archetype. Susan Lien Wigham who is an artist based in California had shared the image on Facebook many years ago. She felt it was alright. I had grown accustomed to believing that Ganesha was the lord of intelligence and pleasant in features. At least this word meaning in Shiva Purana goes with the ferocious image of Ganeshvara.

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