In the library of Gandhi Smarak Bhawan

Right now I am inside the library of Gandhi Bhavan. First I visited place about 2 years ago. And I met this young man who is before me right now. He was wearing a white towel on that day and I was in a white shirt and I asked him about library. He took me to the office there I met Mr Ankit who graciously replied to my queries with affirmative and redirected me towards Mr Ram Charan Vidyarthi who happened to be the librarian here. Now I come back to this present day and feel that this journey has been very fulfilling. Gandhi Smarak Nidhi has contributed in making my Life richer , these books here have a story to tell I worked diligently to catalogue these books with the permission of authorities and along with the ghost , Demons and all kind of supernatural phenomenon I completed this arduous task with rich experience. I feel that some events which happen in your life at crucial times of your struggle tend to become memorable turning points in your life thank you for reading.

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