No news good news!

1. Only news items today: A baby Panda was born in a zoo in China. It is the heaviest Panda ever born in the recorded history.

Madhya Pradesh became the number one state in terms of total wheat production in the last forming year. It produced 33% of the total in India India. It has replaced Punjab..

2. These news items are useless. They mean nothing to me. Nothing really moving today. My day was as normal as it could have been. I met some people. All of them were dull people.

3. Despite the mosquito bites and the humidity in the air which is kind of suffocating I feel the Twilight to be soothing. Learning to use Ok Google Transcription Services which help me to write rapidly without using the keypad of this is smartphone which had become a real pain in the as; was big break on my learning curve. But since then nothing great has happened. I feel I set certain milestones only to forget them very soon. Switching over from using the inhibiting smartphone keypad which had become dysfunctional because of the cat and the katzenjammer has been a revelation and a change of worlds after long time. I would soon come across the Tibetan book of the Dead. I had donated the book to the library. It is the same library where I am volunteering to catalogue books. I plan on digitising the catalogue. The first time around it was very hectic. In some ways eventful mystery is dependent on library and the new people who are actually the old people in many ways.

4. The librarian who happens to be the naturopath as well challenges me telling that the work to digitise the catalogue had been undertaken by certain individuals who left it Halfway through without completing it.

5. In my darkest hours when I was writing some blog posts some individuals suggested me to read books and influenced by their suggestions I started searching for a library nearby. I worked in that library in order to be able to read every now and then. 2 years and counting now I find myself comfortably situated to read but the world at large is not comfortable at all. It is not that they ask me to not read. I cannot continue to read peacefully while I also see skeletons and telling people and animals all around me. I also cannot read comfortably when I have to worry about my next few meals and coffee they are certainly luxurious if you are to judge by the most strict books on aparigraha and abstinence and renunciation but I am very fast that strict judgement on myself. My self esteem is much higher than it used to be. I realised that those people with whom I interested in my darkest hours what the most negative reflections I have ever seen. And some of those are present in my family and my friends. And they won’t go away no matter how hard I tried.

6. I had many delusions. But now I am certain about a few things full stop there are no book readers around me. People do not read just to read. They read with a purpose. And most of the people I come across in my day read only newspapers. And even the newspapers are read carelessly. their intellect is used to spread rumours. It seems as if all of them take great joy in being agents of Darkness.

7. My devotion to the books is not subject to scrutiny of people who are found around the books. I may be scrupulous and conscientious helper in the library but I often ask myself: Who is it that I am doing this for? and I immediately know the answer: for myself. Maybe there are some readers you have tablets and Smartphones and remain hidden. They do not visit public libraries. But to not find even hundred readers among hundred thousand people of this town is certainly a matter of surprise for me. It must not be used as an excuse to not read books. If I really want to read nobody is stopping me. But I love the sound of my own voice more than that of others. The difference is: I know that I love my own voice and identity where as others blindly subconsciously and sometimes unconsciously serve their identities and keep shouting to impart meaning to their existence

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