Interviews on Saturday With Boys In The Frontyard.

Saturday. 13.6.2020

Question 1. How long have you been playing cricket?

Answer 1. About 8 years.

Question 2. What do you like most about the game of cricket?

Answer 2. People around me used to play cricket that is why I chose it.

Question 3. I spent a long time perfecting round arm action in my childhood. What you observe these days is that most of you are using sucking action instead of trying to perfect round arm action why do you think it has happened?

Answer 3. It is because everyone wants to bat.

Question 4. Do you plan on making a career in cricket?

Answer 4. No.

Question 5. Do you think that playing cricket is anti-national just because it was the East India company which brought it to India at first?

Answer 5. No.

Question 6. Who is your your favourite cricketer and why?

Answer 6. My favourite cricketer is Gautam Gambhir because he was an excellent cricketer as well as a person with teamspirit and inclined to do social service.

Question 7. Why do you play on a small ground with a plastic ball?

Answer 7. The first reason is that the difficulty increases on a small ground. It is more difficult to chase big scores compared to big grounds. Moreover we don’t have big grounds available to us.

Question 8. What do you prefer in the game batting bowling or fielding and why?

Answer 8. I prefer fielding over other two departments because it helps save some runs and also helps us exercise and increase our agility.

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