Indo-european delusions!

Some birds are chirping here. Some cows are grazing in the fields. Gardners are busy plucking raw mangoes these days. I had to take a class early in the morning at 7:00 a.m. but the student was not available. I have observed that my students are not careful and meticulous with their schedules. I do not understand the kind of reasoning which goes behind their planning but it is constantly kind of business with which I cannot help. I don’t know if they do so knowingly or they are really mechanical and somewhat animal like. I am still unable to find very rudimentary forms of Intelligence around me. It is not consistency which I seek but understanding of human nature. Even the birds follow routines and subroutines. Business commands our learning because human societies are structured in the name of a purposeful and meaningful life. The meaning of life is mostly associated with feeling comfortable safe grounded and connected. Even the wild is connected to the nature and even the group of large people who are disconnected with their own selves perish.

Nightingales are known as Koyal in Hindi. Koyla is the word for fuel which is used to build fires. Both of them are black in colour. I can observe haziness increasing on the sky which is in front of me. I think I understand my surroundings better now. Some bees and Beatles and insects or buzzing and it seems musical. What kind of freedom I was after all my life? In my deluded episodes I imagined myself to be in some kind of utopia where I did not need to work or earn money and everyone was fed without working for earning money. Indo European delusions there was no form of currency required.

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