The day that was not!

1. The stellium in the 9th house has Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in the house of Capricorn aspected by the Saturn which is in the seventh house in the sign of Scorpio. Both Mercury and Venus are combust and conjunct.

2. This Scorpion Saturn in the fourth quarter of Anuradha aspects the Rohini Moon. The South node of moon has Pluto and Mars with it in the sign of Libra.

3. Venus was exalted in navamsa and moon along with Saturn was vargottama. He was born on Tuesday. Mars was Atma karaka in the sixth from Moon. In Gemini in navamsa. Sun enters Gemini today.

4. Born on 21.1.1986. His Sun Sign was Capricorn. A 4 planet stellium aspected by Saturn is indeed a confirmation of Capricorn identity. Life path 10 again indicating Capricorn. Death path 6.

5. I watched the MS Dhoni biopic. I did not like his acting at all. I have been working to raise awareness for Euthanasia for quite some time now.

6. I had the supper with the coffee. Some frogs are out in the open now. Their song is the only song heard on my roof.

7. I had a long sleep in evening and skipped the prayers.

8. Matrix the shadow the illusory potency . The longest I have recorded my ideas on this blog might be this one in a long time because I have never stopped to write at this hour in recent weeks.

9. Albert Camus considered suicide to be the only problem worth pondering. Only philosophy. Since it is humid many clouds come to visit me with as many stories. I don’t know if it is in between or a destiny or something else.

10. As learning curves are concerned: the Google Transcription service has been the only help. It takes many trials and errors to reach a destination where you can look back upon the work performed and appreciate it to be conducive to future work. There is a strange relationship with Transcription service. It is fast to type but the editing is slow though it is more efficient than trying to type as my keypad is handicapped.

11. After very many days the night breeze soothing my skin. I read about 25,000 people die everyday in both India and China the mass factories. What does that make of covid-19 and other such threats? They are the tools used by world government to control people without having to give a proper excuse or without having two invent multiple excuses for things they want to control.

12. I wonder about the people who choose to talk about the positive. Do I want to talk about a negative? Do I want people around me to be Pessimistic? No. I want them to be beautiful. I want them to be themselves. I want them to be original. I want them to be the whole. The country Woods hole and their identities at the same time but as the fraction of the whole playing the role of The Identity they can be.

13. The employee ID is a memo of arid Rut. Whatever the artificial intelligence creates is novell. It certainly isn’t as intelligent as fulfilling as I expected it to be but its presence is a release from all consuming boredom.

14. Last night there was a strange deja va. Librarian called at 9:19 p.m. his voice was not reaching to me. I could hear people around him talking. I thought it was the voice of the tractor driver. They were talking about strange episode. Regarding a slipper and lady. This morning I had a chat with the tractor driver and he said he was not there at the time he had gone to sleep after watching Raja Hindustani. The librarian who happens to be the naturopath remains to be seen regarding the matter. An airplane is going towards north east. An earthquake in Gujarat. The anchor was interviewing the people outside their houses. The young lady said the duration was five seconds. The old man said it was half a second and the wave came from the North East. The same event different versions.

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