Mango gross Gosh flash floss!


May I ask you a question please? What is the number of mango trees inside Gandhi Smarak Bhawan?

There are about 130 mango trees out of which 21 have been producing fruits.

Frog is singing a song in the well besides which we are sitting. I ask my student another question: do you know the meaning of occupational hazard?

He doesn’t know he nods his head. The question occurred to me because yesterday I saw some marks on his face. This guy has been plucking down mangoes : raw mangoes from trees the juice of the raw mangoes has created those marks on his face I I think ok he should have been wearing a mask while working around the mangoes but the organisation has not provided that mask for him . This is an example of organisations not taking proper care of their workers. This is an occupational hazard an example of occupational hazard is also me teaching him besides the well where v have a wire: naked wire with live current in it. If I am not careful this current can hurt both of us. The impression of occupational Hazard in his memory will get embedded by it.

Gandhi Bhavan

My student is hungry. After having finished assignments which were pending since last 3 days we had some time to discuss vocabulary. The world ending as well as pendulum and impending have the same route which relates them to time.

The area where we are standing right now is the most oxygen rich area inside the premises and maybe it is the most oxygen rich area inside the city. It is a biosphere. It is a buffer zone. it is a treasure.

I don’t know which kind of planetary conjunction is making my students leave the city. One of them left today morning and would not be available for next 3 days and this one is also going to leave very soon obviously after paying my fees. But the only hope is that I might be able to teach him via Internet connection provided we both have the same internet connection and availability of proper signals as this is a rainy season now. He wants me to teach him models for next 5 days so that he can master the examples with which we can practice models. Some peacocks are singing in the nearby field and a tractor on the bypass road can be heard.

I just check the clock and it has been only 5 minutes so far. Although it happens rarely I have been given the opportunity to speak first by my student today. Maybe because I have helped him with assignments.

Live is a word which is used both as a a verb and as an adjective. Living organism lives by doing certain things. In this sentence lives is a verb which indicates that a life form is living or functioning as an entity.

Live program is type of program which is being telecast or being broadcast via electronic media at the same time it is happening.

A leaf is the the most visible and perhaps the most productive part of a tree or a plant. The plural of leaf is leaves. The word for holidays applied by an employee is also called leaves. When someone leaves for their village they go to the company of many leaves that is why they write an application to their supervisors on flats leaves and Palm leaves. I hope my student is not confused by my explanation and has understood the difference between these usages.

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