Thank you readers and followers

My father has gone back on his words for four times in the last 6 months. I am waiting for the new smartphone. My mother grandmother and my younger sibling are slaves trapped inside this building. As soon as I get the new smartphone I would write more efficiently and yet my efficiency has been good enough. Including the blogger blog I have written more than 1500 posts in last 6 months of my publishing with the OK Google Transcription service writing is a piece of cake. Very few people read this blog and comparatively more people used to read the blogger blog. Those people who were trolling me started calling me troll as I came into the light. I don’t need a bunch of fools around me. I have done 200 posts on WordPress. Including all my innings I might have published more than 4000 articles. If my comments on discussion forums are also included then the amount might reach to more than 10000. It does not translate as money. It has given me skill and confidence. My clarity of thinking as well as communication skills are improving day by day.

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