To Be the Bee Be the Beetroot root for the Canal|||

The sun is shining brightly. There are no rainbows. The temperature is bearable and equanimity has been restored.

I keep returning to this point only to forget it in pursuit of something greater: something which is sure to provide freedom from death and aging.

Euthanasia has been on my mind for a long time but it does not cover the mainstream media and it remains the source of pain that I cannot do anything to bring it for the discussion. That is why I am writing this. And I hope you read this thread.

And stichting of another pastime pastiche with chestnuts, nutcases, casseroles, les trade, tradecraft, chas te chess on dining table ballroom parking lot.

Happens a long shot. If I am to continue my life here, I have to write a book and submit it to my publisher. I thought so last night wireless trolling or while strolling. What is the matter with the world. The publisher died all of a sudden. Those who are running for their lives can they really provide me with anything other than frustration of never being enough. Sweet side of suicide is that it is never on the rise. Good luck deciphering firing that. Sadness of life sadness of death, sadness of anything.

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