Words of a blather lock down with a Kite in Sky!

Chanson on vacation On Sundays, when she is supposed to be at church, she still meets the villagers in the park and talks to them. There were three venipuncture venomous scorpions. They resided in a small tree on the lawn of the beautiful blonde. If I had learnt to differentiate between the fictional and non fictional: the writing would have been easier. A little bit less entertainment: yet I would have thrived. I thought it was not necessarily required to be grateful at this point: they all knew how he felt about them. If they had taught him a thing: it was to see the naked fiction. If only he could have found a way to read fiction in the real world: he would have been cured of his disease.

Hi Hannah thanks for the mannah! He said as usual. It was beyond his wildest fantasies: the way they had woven their persona : the masquerade around the craft. It was not a question about being ethical or unethical: it was being charged with a red zone: having a great appearance of malady. The way the mighty were infected with the red zone: that is what bothered her. Piano music was soothing to him. He was visiting the area of deaths. There were many of them. He was relieved to be free from all dehiscence Matrices now. There were many people who worked together and development of new feelings was obviously noticeable when someone was as mature amateur as he was. He was learning to be more mature: all the times. Work needs energy and enthusiasm: workplace romance is a joke. I have been a single story all my life. I have had no romance at all. But being a dumb dunce I entertained many and unless a specific individual was actually involved: the artist would not have been able to get a chance to draw a vivid colours dream. It is all the worst thing that could happen to a man of the artistic temperament. You can not understand why: unless you have been thru the exit door. One of the most important things to remember is that: just because your roommate is mature does not mean that he is interested in you as a person.

You can’t understand why…

No matter how high,

You try,

To fly,

You can’t escape,

Something’s gotta pukka chukka boots,

Good up now comedown,

Comedo comedy show,

Komosu moshi moshi,

Komodo dragon gonfalon falchion falcon conical flask new story,

Was it unethical to tell lies as an author? He seemed confused about it. He embraced the first idea: since you declared that you were talking to the reader of fiction verse in a symbolical tongue: you have received a licence. They called it a poetic licence. Poetic justice department didn’t have any exemption for your highness. He Rummaged mensuetude etude deuce : the adepts attained pure bodies even though they were using payables receivables and verses in every way to gain access to heavens and to teach . He had a hard time with stories. He had read very few. But as Nietzsche said: there were no fragrant flowers online course deadline Dandenong. Nietzsche never said anything. Not in English. Anyway: no facts only interpretations: they were individual fictional silicon substrate. Just as lying was easy under some conditions and truth serum made chestnut nutterverse severe reverse pastiche bolstered holster: the tag of fiction made exaggeration and lying possible. Hypocrisy is a useless word. Persona or masquerade was enough. Lying and dissembling could be a lively sport as long as people knew better. Lying and dissembling could be a lively sport as long as people knew better. Since the whole Matrix is a BIG fat lie: it didn’t matter if you use lies in guides of GUI. Guise sequin quint into the oblivion shivering isles. To the contrary: Ochre sea perishes in the stench of used kerosene. I am not sure. “Birds of a feather do flock together”: indeed, not only in the bird world but also in fiction.

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