What the heavens is going on here!

1. I am fond of NDTV prime time. The last episode available is enlightening.

2. A high placed govt. employee doesn’t get a bed in Bihar IGMS and dies due to Video drone. He had been declared negative. Then positive. Then dead . Eight months and counting … testing is still dicey.

3. As if it was not funny enough: Ravish interviews the psychiatrist working in Glasgow. I wonder if she’s been to the Sayasen Foundry. What is a psychiatrist got to do with the testing. She went over there from India to study one month was the duration of the study. She decided to live there: all alone by herself in a Mercedes.

And if you still find the attachment for life: here is a good picture I took this evening:

DeZa Woos A Gain!

Dazzling Linga wood woooos again and again gainsaid sadists modiste.

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