The four noble truths!

Marvels of Science and Technology

A train passes by.

People wonder what’s going on full stop and I wonder with them.

What is going to happen next question mark questionmark !

Google Translate assistant rule: recognise! But don’t recognise?

A bird chirping so sweetly as many others have been. I had pleasant relaxing tea which was 10 rupees instead of the usual 5 under a shade which was better furnished than the usual 3 shades.

Consider it an irony aur usual turn of events: I have more images which I like compared to I ever had before

The transliteration tool cannot type o r: mark which means ” else “

Therefore: it always types aur. Which means in Hindi:” a n d “

If you had the time to read the sentences above: and you are not like the dirty Buddha guy just to promote your book here: you understand now how difficult it is for me to transcribe my thoughts. You may say it is not a compulsion. I agree. It’s certainly wasn’t. It is a choice: some choices lead to to is affection and others to profound depth of perception. I chose the latter. The keypad of this phone it still doesn’t work and tomorrow I might not be able to record research ideas as I am doing now.

Even when I know that I might not be able to access these recorded transcriptions I continue to embody the spirit of earnest blogging. Creating art which is appreciated by others or which makes others feel good is not against this spirit. But still marketing and popularizing your stuff takes more effort then creating it for the sake of record in experimentation. Having experienced both blogger and WordPress I can clearly tell: so called artists on this platform misguide themselves and others. You may say that I should have adjusted myself to the platform long ago. If part cannot be at war against the whole how could I be behaving the way I do despite the entire community behaving differently. It is strange: people on this platform are writers who want others to read their work and there are no readers. Some people go on to say: it is better to have one or two perceptive than throngs of dumba followers. That is alright but you won’t ever get even a single follower who doesn’t want to become a leader. Therefore please yourself and be in your company aur do as you will.

As in any market Monopoly of the word press employees has always been here. I was always free to leave this platform and choose another and I would have found square over there as well. You don’t have any option to to unsubscribe from wordpress employees who force feed their ideas into you like you don’t have any freedom to remove TV channel which support government.

Whatever is present in your mind is the truth of the movement. It might be different the next moment. It might change completely all might remain the same. All you can do is what you can do. The truth of someone else cannot be yours and yours cannot be that of someone else’s

What kind of politics doesn’t thrive on fear . And what kind thrives on love.

The four noble truths: first: there is corona.

Second floor landmark: mark there is a reason for it.

Third. Desire to die aur thanos is the root cause for Corona.

Fourth: the desire to die is transfiguration of desire to live and expand.

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