Bullshit Reinforces More!

1. Bill Gates was talking about vaccines long before the pandemic. He’s still talking about it.

2. Mukesh Ambani is now the fourth richest man in the world. Pandemic, lockdown and the rest seems to have suited some people more than the others. Guzrati aristocratic family members along with the bureaucracy have country on their fingertips at present. I am a nobody but I hear people talk: the lockdown and charade was at large to build the temple and keep the environment free from resistance like Shaheen Bagh.

3. Long before the article 360 was removed from the constitution of Kashmir valley: the talk about the quarantine centers in Bangalore was heard by me. It’s funny how evanescent public memory is: same diseases ( AIDS, SARS) are used by regimes every few decades and encounters by police state are repeated ad nauseum.

4. I heard people: only two things are almighty: government and God. I understand that most people don’t. A lot goes behind the screen. Government is a system of people by the people. I gained the conspiratorial frame of mind thanks to Hollywood: pirated DVDs. I am not proud of it.

5. If they hadn’t let China and India become world’s electronic garbage dump posts: markets for rubbish and slavery: would there have been likes of Jack Ma, Gates or Ambani playing heroes ? Where would Trump dump his stagnant weapons then? Population matters. Australia and Europe can boast.

6. The holistic care movement with Ayurvedic formulae was becoming stronger. Ramdev and Shri Shri and others. It’s still strong but emergencies need allopathy and English fear : surgeries. What is scorpion regime known for? Keep them guessing: make their immune system weak and then hit with force. The twenty first century golden age: formula: truth force tested with two biggest democratic national heads competing with each other to speak more lies in a single breath. Elaborate planning is needed to present hoaxes as natural catastrophe and pandemic.

7. Ah genius! How many times have you been fed with Ramayana and Mahabharata on national TV? What about another round of devotion?

8. Talk positive and eat shit: this is the new mantra. The ghost of nation state is better than the feudal debauchery but worse than the whole Truth. There are no families, no nations and no personalities in reality. The day this kid would open his eyes: he would know that neither Tendulkar was a hero nor Ambani nor Gandhi. I might not be around : he would understand : perhaps an abyss would ask him some questions then.

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