The Kingfisher Sings!

The ocean is a mystery. It’s the birthplace of life. Under its blue, deep waters lies a land of strange creatures. Squeezing squeed, weed concede, corral losel morsel, whale, octopus October, rivers and mountains and valleys Ever so life-long, finds little terra-lena.

I wonder. Sharks indebted forever. Dolfins Finnish tiffin services. The father and daughter sat over the fire, and thought how strange it all was, and how nice it would be if you could go down into the sea.

I had never heard the red billed Kingfisher sing before. Its blue feathers attract. At the edge of the pool, a deep-sea tree, a giant with wide branches, grows. Tuna fish is a nice dish and many wish fulfilling gemstones abound with a warm, gentle smile, the mermaid flicked her tail, and the father and daughter jumped, a little frightened, for they were not used to her beauty. Mars is in the Pisces with Moon. It’s watery sign. Ocean.

I read a book on oceanic adventure which had a character named Ashok It was a bit far away, yet she had the Sea as her living room. Eel peel reel away. Wayward warden dense mesnes. Starfishes galore sapphire allure. Angkor vaat. Tibet bet beta theta sorority. Actinic shimmering stork strides. The guy named Ashok was blabberwockying at the tea stall. The guy is always high: as the Mars with Moon suggests: a drunk abuser of women or a wine seller, nine times rhymes mesothelioma metheglin isinglass retinitis cretin it is.

The tea stall guy is letting this gurgle away: no rhyme intended there. I understand you will find out more. The guy hides behind the cricket. They all build castles all their lives but their emptiness can’t be filled. Mood swings become acute and uncontrollable with addictions. Nobody would like to be in a mental institution: Their activities will be charted with their doctors. You need to open the nozzle jalopy canopy can copy underwater tonesure cocksure cockalorum cockroach coach approach fibroach swimming pool cespool. Bad things can happen to anyone.

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