Ataraxia ataran atta boy ran Anschluss drayfuss omnibus succubus busted colophon!

Do you want to buy some sand?

First, you must promise not to get a single grain out of the bag.

No. Then, you must not throw the sand into the air.

Why then, are you taking the picture?

Why yes, I think I shall take it. I write blogs. I might use the picture in it.

I will charge you a dollar for it.

What is a blog?

You can read one on the internet. You tilted the trailer and now you want me to pay you a dollar for the ruckus?

It’s not a ruckus, it’s a photograph.

Ah, I write articles: like those you read in the newspaper.

Do you have an article about me?

No. But you might read one if you wait for me to publish this one! This is a collection of tales. Are you from this village?

I am from a little town with a very big forest.

What are the odds? Two accidents within one kilometre! These were the most interesting things that happened in our village.

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