Why Does The Wooden Inspector Call? Please don’t!!!!

1. An inspector calls: the name of the movie on which I wasted 67 minutes to see the wooden final summarizing delivery by the inspector with biblical sermon. It was about women empowerment and about times when 50 pounds was a huge sum in England. I had to redownload the film after it was mysteriously deleted yesterday. Waste of bandwidth as well.

2. The weakest point in this film is its sloppy writing: all five members of one family who happen to be partying one evening for the engagement ceremony are somehow the people who have entangled themselves in doing harm to a girl(all within the last one year! What are the odds!) who committed suicide in dire circumstances. Some of them were actually kinder to her but not saints: the boys to be exact. And rest of them were actually being themselves. I think nobody did intentional harm to her but the sequential falling out of luck was too much for her. The coincidence is too dramatic to believable to engage you and to realize that inspector came there just to make them feel guilty rather than doing a job as he would make you believe by his demeanor in the beginning: are proof enough that the script is not just weak: it’s too weak. Low budget movie shot in a room fails to convince. If the inspector was really that enlightened sage : why would he bother making them aware of what they had done knowing well in full that they would soon forget the impression.

3. She wrote verses in between with the same spirit thinking that he would be back: wanted to tell you that she was strong on her own. But when he did return after the hiatus she deleted those written in between to make things look synchronous or to adjust her moods to new. It’s impossible to know the reality of closed chapters of life. Basic truth never changes: you are looking to make your life happier and peaceful in some form or the other.

4. IMDB ratings are unreliable. I am content but my persona is starved of a good SciFi or mystery movie. Something akin to memento, inland Empire or inception. It has been a long time since I watched a good movie.

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