The ink and paper!

A tree. Standing quietly in the middle of a farm. A farmer is weeding the field and the crops look bathed in the recent drizzle. A black dog stares at me. A Kingfisher has been sitting on the same electric wire where I left it half an hour ago. Weather has been absolutely pleasant and now temperature dropped as the drizzling stopped. I wanted to capture an image of the black bird but it flew away. I went to check the mud puddle.

2. The dance has astounding beauty today. I give a helping hand as a trailer laden with Fruits and vegetables is stuck on road which bent because of the cabling. I am not the only one as there was a traffic jam. Then I was worried about how to reach the destination.

The ways in which we think are as mysterious as godhead. Moonflower dance with a cyclist who was holding hands with a motorcyclist. A slight change in the tone and the meaning changes dramatically. Three crows on a single branch. The number of the trailer is 1480. Birds are chirping and vehicles pass by. A poet died yesterday and a teacher died today. A mule has an erection: how poetic tic tac toe mantic mantle up the ante update up to date upbeat neat Beatles tribute betlegeuse regal gala lingam. The ink in the pen is a black and the paper is white.

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