This Fast or that slow, how low will you go?

1. A blue, fuel tanker, passes with a glue in eyes. A lady was sitting with her face towards back on the backseat of a car.

2. I was wondering, do you drive?

3. I pass through the kingdom of the Yaldabaoth, who kept none of the moths, unleashed all of the dragonflies.

4. I don’t. The driver was coming from Satna, going to Gwalior, carrying cement packages. He fell asleep at about four AM in the morning. Moon was rising in the Cancer ascendant in Pushyami quarter four with North node conjoint in the twelfth house whereas the eighth lord was retrograde in the seventh house of Capricorn. No one was hurt. The accident happened at the same spot the madman was scripting a heartwreching scene with a wounded left hand. I first saw a red trailer with a busted tyre and then a truck toppled into the sideways where wiring work was on going. The morning has been eventful.

5.In the beginning was the beginning. Then came the middle followed by the end. People like being talked about, either in good vein or bad. I spotted a mangoose as people returned after watching the crashed cemented truck. Highway means accident. The things that started happening last evening were scripted long ago. I would be honest: the crane sings. People are running for their lives yet some are busy building their careers. Most of the other people’s identities were lost in identity crisis.

2. The lady asked me umpteenth number of times: “so, you won’t marry?” Yes, mam, I won’t. Don’t you know by now? Mysore, angry young unstoppable retired officer. Then those students who had not even an iota of sincerety become orchestrating devices of something, which might be what? Oh, their golden career? I wish you well. Work harder. Serve. The very kid who is scared of something brings some guys whom he introduces as goons. The dejected conspirators first create a cause, which is not the first cause, then they create an artifice, which is not an effect at all. A few birds are picking grains from the ground to feed themselves and then a chain of red ants. It must be abstruse for them to understand this plain logic: pseudo monks, pseudo leaders, pseudo do gooders. If I do something you are jealous if I don’t you are restless. Who was it the last time around? The college kids who didn’t even pay for using the library. Who were there only because they wanted to know what I was upto. It’s so because when I am talking to you: you fall asleep and when I move out of your sight I somehow become dangerous.

3. If there will be 15 students, which I am sure will be there, because you look like a bright guy, people will start talking. What will they talk about? The space has been used for all kind of activities. I have either read books or meditated or spoken to some students. If you want me to pay the rent on a future date, say so. If you don’t want me to continue helping your ward, say so. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I won’t sit for fasts for your cause which is doomed. I won’t serve this political party or that. It’s strange that she first became an employer then started acting up like she was unhappy.

Is it the flamboyance? You don’t sit with us. Why would I? You treat people like shit when they have no money in their pockets. I have each and every event in the last two years etched in my memory and I can see through you. No matter which place I have been to, I have tried to give more than I took. Enough with your stuffed mule toys and magic charms. Who will save your soul? One cabal inside the cabal criticizes another and wants you to voice your opinion on the same so that they may use you as a punching bag or stepping stone.

4. There are people who sit with you and talk the way you want them to. You call one cartoon character after another and I have seen enough of them in my college. I am fed up of your nauseating rubbish for sure. I don’t want to talk about it, but tell me why I shouldn’t say anything.

5. Look at this: the head of the family has some enemies: they’re your enemies by inheritance. You neither like nor dislike the head of the family. The siblings create some along the way. They consider it duty to bring it on me. Some people are unhappy because I am shaving my head and not marching with them in the zombie apocalypse. The guy wants you to serve him even when you are doing your job. The college kids act as informants while you tried to enlighten them. They don’t have any idea what kind of stone crusher they are in between: ” Well, your enlightenment and all is all good but you do look like different. Like a human being. Ah, we would pass this on to our owners and make you kneel.” The lady has no time to talk to you. She talks snobbish and suddenly the same lady has so much time to touch repeatedly on your wounds. Are they even wounds? I tell you on your face: these conspiracies is all you have been trained for. Keep them to yourself. This is as fictional as it gets. How valuable am I? You saw my underwear and I saw your bra. What’s the difference? Aren’t they both undergarments? Act for your salvation lady. I am not interested in you or your gimmicks. I honestly think you have given me more attention than I deserve. I am a nobody and I would like you to treat me as such. Employing police officers for spitting on road? I did think they had something better to do. Here’s another tohu verse:

Tohulkamikazephyryearlyrealtorporousualarmistycoonosynchronicitypicalamitympanumbattuesdaylightightwaddlepatedemantoidempotentateetotallerthantheeleewaywardensedonnashvillageoldocumentationictussselevenusunambiambicarustleoninephriteofpassagewaywardentistrystutgarrduressecernebulanternuchampionomatopoeiaitologyrationsnowfallaughtersevereserverisimilitudeutronomytoechondrialtabanidittowardsnowdenmarksmanshipiscineuterrafirmashuplasmasteroskyrocketinglingastronomygododderingulchopinewoodenzelectorallyingyanglersulcussingularitzyvottenetuftummyonderelicthonusundrye I thought that she looked pale, but still there was a glow on her.

6. A man with a tricycle passes by. A man has plenty of grass on his bicycle. I do what I say. If I am employed to teach I teach: that doesn’t make me your slave. Another employer has another story. Some other day. Another punctured bike. He asks me the repair shop. The mechanic was here on tea stall. I hope you know how to read fiction. The tricycle owner was very angry.

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