The songs of the birds!

1. There are gray white clouds and sun is shining bright among them. The crickets buzz. A sparrow sings every now and then. There was a rat on my way. A dead rat being eaten by a crow. Dragonflies fly and the tea stall boy is sweeping the floor. The truck that got punctured yesterday was still there on the spot. Another truck was standing on the way. A tractor trolley with sand got stuck on a street where cabling work was recently done. The sound of silence is pleasant this morning. Three long hours of work, and the street is clean.

2. The guy who comes here early is surly fed up of rains. As I moved out of the house it was absolutely quiet. I clearly understand why the lining of clouds towards North was very dark blue beauty. I kept walking through the fresh air. I feel that being adjusted to the climate is easy. I’ve come here only to see how the sky looks. 3. Buffaloes pass by. By and by bygone days come to fore. I had pasta and grams in breakfast. Towards the end the remarkable results were attained. The total perception centred me in the core. Now I am good to go. The effort is great, as it is not easy to get the time to practice.

3. I was early this morning. Sweet chirping of black birds and melodious flute. Butterflies, dragonflies and dancing plants. Soothing breeze. There are patches of clouds in the sky. Warmth of the sun, humidity of the earth.

4. The tea stall guy had some tea falling on his hand as he was serving me tea. The tea stall guy smiled at me in a friendly manner.

5. I asked if he had the chutki. The peppermint mixture. He told me he only had sweety. I am waiting for the company. I asked him if he has a sugar stick.

6. He said studies were fine but when enquired about what he had studied last in English, he refused to answer. I thought about how he might have done it so well.

7. The mound made by Honda ants has different granules than the particles of the sand. Sandaracknowledgerdemaineptitudeuteranopiateateryearlyresonantennasteriskylarkspursineonoiridescentrancenotaphosphenemyalgiambicarustictussellatedeemediationiconicicleotardamsonostockadeaconnuchantaipeidolon I wish I’d had the time to have seen it.

8. The crow sings. Above my head, on a branch. It’s portent. …

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