Rastafarian birds!

There are few words. A few birds frolicking. There were eight crows on the way. The clouds are foggy but enough to obstruct the path of the Sun. Breeze is soothing. A couple of geese flying over the pond. . The white birds came here for food. The day was spent counting the spitters. What you reinforced became magical calculadora fedora oral omnibus busted stead. The man and the woman that lived in the house were both researchers of the supernatural.

The girl who has her left hand bandaged was playing with a cart just a few days ago. As I was sitting besides the puncture shop , couple of men on tractor asked me if I repaired punctures. I told them that the mechanic was in his village in Bihar and next shop was a few metres away. Buffaloes, crows on their back and a few cows. The lady with water box on her head walks cautiously.



Inversion ions noise,

Cenotaphs aversion,

Ad version, fed version,

Version XYZ,

Gee gemmatria trialsome sommelier,

Which veanjmarse is on?

Which verse will do?

Any mad version.

Anima mania


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