August Company Welcomes September!

1. Baby owls are still present on this tree. They changed the branch after seeing me approach. Three cyclists were doing tricks on road. Young kids. I saw a swift car parked about a hundred meters before the railway station with the debris nearby which indicated an accident. Just in front of the station gate, near the barricades, police has placed the drums, painted dark green, with “drive slow” sign. It sure did seem artistic. Our police is prompt like our parents but we expect more from them. That’s also a guiding force for them: our expectations.

2. The morning walk was quiet. The inland empire can’t be revealed in words. Like ever dazzling brilliant graceful dance of my beloved which fills me with ecstasy the obfuscating potency rules all beings and keeps them guessing about the next. It also creates subroutines for monotony.

3. Moon was out early yesterday, as one of my students remarked when it was seen peeping through the back of the tree. It’s approaching Bhadrapad Poornima. Recently, all my students scored low on tests. Is it a reflection of my lack of efficiency in teaching? I have limited tools and freedom and I don’t find them aware and willing to listen properly the basics which would enable them to learn easily.

4. A guy who comes from an under privileged caste background is making a documentary on the way a special pilgrimage has a political angle in this region. He seemed anxious about controversy. I agree that his safety might be at risk. Freedom of speech is an ideal far from having been materialized in so called progressive countries like America. India is certainly 300 years lagging behind. I don’t expect or long to see religious, political or socioeconomic justice materialized here anytime soon.

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