Tohu Minus Shit Hit Wickets Fan An Anschluss!

1. Enter Pandit { background music plays. Acharya Rajnish : pandit, purohit aur raajneta ; manushya ki aatma ke shoshak ( pundit, priests and politicians exploit free human spirit.) But sire: thou art also one politician. Remains to be seen on another planet. Shut up Zorba zorbing orb Bing . Dah! Khokar khokho kholi holi oli gastric tricks.} Now we know what it means when a politician puts a ban on something.

2. Has red kumkum on forehead: you singing bhajans, you kurmi. You are a bagula bhagat. You don’t take baths regularly. Not for the faint of the heart sire! The bird is alert only to hunt. The couple, together with the children, never left the woods.

3. How many rupees were you two paid? You’ll find the answer to this in the story of the two skeletons.

4. I mean for what? That’s what I have been saying.

5. For God’s sake forgot goat goatee? Here you can see the third pair of footprints, still wet, although it was a clear day.

6. It is about the drugs carte. The drug peddlers are the nine men in white.

7. You mean cartel… Eh? Cartel is a cartel, and a drug cartel is a drug cartel, and the two are not the same

. 8. Not just ganja junkies. No. No. Big monies. Hang on… I have to ask my dad…

9. You are neither a snitch nor a womanizer. You art not even a journalist. How may we buy you by mixing drugs in the tea. If you do not make that a question, you are not a journalist

. 10. Enter grandpa: the psyche was read by multiple junkies. It had more words than their vocabulary permitted them to absorb so absorbed they anyway wayward warden dense mesne natarajan. He was in no mood to answer questions.

11. The guys who were shaking pouches on panna naka, then before they entered the building, then on the stall belong to cheap nuts. What do they do, do they blackmail in the name of religion because they had no sex education or do they kill in the name of purity? The man did not answer her question.

12. Enter the rubbish guy one: the robbery was planned. The robbers were looking for valuables.

13. let’s play Kevin spacey everyone. I have also seen the usual suspects.

14. I think I should have answered the question.

15. Enter junkie number one: it was a white shirt. It was thirty lakhs not just twenty lakhs. Whole brigade iss, ips and ssss were searching through the forest.

15. Biyarna khali hu, shey (You have to pay, right?

15. Enter tutor: that’s why I saw my ranger uncle with grangers. Six of them early morning surly curlicues. My mom didn’t forget the keys without purpose now did she? The ring was on the table, on the right, on the side of the bed.

16. Bank money or garbage shop. Matters not. Fake news. I last saw my uncle on the August fifteen. Today I was late because I was watching on news things that don’t matter. Elections approaching. Let’s win another. If hone minister can say “ass” everyone in every nook and corner can say it. Why not. Politicians are entertaining better than entertainment industry hence the bellies. Be lies belies ie sly lyrically call calculable tables. We must be lazy enough to be amused at it.

17. Negative growth rate means : economy is healthy. Vedas say: money has 15 evils associated. We must control wealth from dangerous eyes.

18. Corona negative means healthy immune system. Similarly negative growth rates means economy is immune from black magic spells done by China, Pakistan and anyone else who doesn’t consider us equal to mongol dynasty’s amazing zing. The mongols though ‘nice’ they were negative and ‘bad’.

19. Way too many monks on the streets for some reason. Why? And new madmen and women. And why not? Let all hell

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