Potency of Obfuscation!

1. Saint Peter’s Royapuram is the green colour t-shirt worn by the cyclist on my way to evening job. I had seen such shirt during the lockdown phase one and now it’s only the first time after that. I greeted the old man who said he had bought it and knew nothing about it. Would look up Royapuram when I have time for it.

2. Before that a jeep full of people stopped me to ask the address of someone I didn’t know. The boy in the middle signalled me to lift my mask up. We all know it’s a charade. Another boy, a young boy with black mask does the role before me to compensate: though he knows that I would never need him to do that.

3. The student who has seen at least four big events in a month of our classes told about another quarantined clinic in his vicinity with a big question about why there was no news.

4. The street beginning from Maria Mata to old ITI was busiest today in the slot I returned from work. That’s in the last one month or so. Most of them were young people with rude language shaking gutka pouches. Why not; it’s the beginning of the month of virgin Mary as per the lunar calendar. Bhadrapada ends.

5. The kid made tea despite my asking him to not. He was talking about web history and making signs with left hand which looked like jerking off. Since he’s a teenager I can understand. He shows me pull ups and I tell him that at once I could do 18 pull ups in one set. Not anymore.

6. After having acquired the habit of shaking feet for some reason the young lady was sleepy again, therefore, I had to make her walk a bit which resulted in her measuring her height and she bumped her head into an electric switch as I was reading a book while the wire curled itself around the fan spindle. It was making an eerie sound while her mother was taking bed rest due to typhoid. I was slightly embarrassed to ask for an advanced payment but I had no monies honestly. And as she told me that she was going to take the healing from shaman in a village with her maid I spent about a minute listening to her. Why not. If I spend time writing about one of the employers I should do so for others as well. It’s only fair.

7. Grandpa with beard was there and the youngest sibling. The elder brother wanted to get feedback on the newspaper article where he was measuring the size of Okra with Kerala uncle whose family members uttered something to mean “Periya Puranam.” I recalled Ramalinga Paradesi. I knew about events beforehand but the cement laden laughing guy marking it twice for the kirana store was picking lines from an old blog. It was not mind reading and if it was I wonder why instead of spending so much on elaborate dramas they don’t pay me straightaway and we walk different ways.

8. The Chodron: Tibetan term. I love China. China is not my country but they do have beautiful women. If it’s because of eating snakes or snacks doesn’t matter to me. I closed my eyes for two minutes as the tea stall manager was arranging and the guy remarked : some people are so heavy that they can’t manage their own weights. Pay attention to the heavyweight. He was paid for he parked the truck where its pipe was throwing smoke in my face. I shifted my chair but his truck should be fined for pollution. The other guy who had a Shikha asked me if I was on a government duty. I said no. Then he further kept showing his big nose by being busybody nosegay margay grimalkin. I was thinking about riding a truck when it happened. And a deja vu.

9. The day was ruled by Venus, Rahu and Saturn. The tall guy in the town hall did look like a new one and I minded my mask lest they stop my passage for water balls. Samosa sellers are killing us poor people for they cost 15 rupees for two samosas and 10 rupees for one. It’s better to buy 4 chapatis from the shop librarian buys them from. He had pawned his radio for bread and a certain CM Mahauri was visiting him as a journalist when I refused to entertain him he didn’t manifest. I tried to taste my samosas well for I might not be able to afford them any longer. Bye bye Gopal Samosa agency.

10. An association for tutors who hike prizes. The day was eventful. Silent morning crowded evening. Somehow this city is the only city out of 52 cities in this state to have received least amount of rains: suggestion: look at the recent pictures of priests in Bhaskar where the water is touching the second or third step. I didn’t have time to visit the lake so bats came looking for me. Similarly: how come BMC Sagar is becoming the hidden euthanasia centre? Make it open and embossed and have me as the first participant willing to get out of here. I promise. Why waste so many resources on intimidating someone when they don’t want to be here anymore?

11. The next post shall be named Japanese Guava. He somehow needed a scooter for a fifty metre walk.

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