Spotters Wheel Heel Reel

1. Some mist from the air settles on my eyeglasses before I settle on the piece of chair under the neem tree. I cleanse it. I hear the birds and the vehicles of milkmen going towards the town talk something about the “halaal” and “haraam”: trefa and kosher of Jews. I see ultraviolet clouds on the eastern horizon with a pink hue as a kingfisher flies towards the wire bound to the poll. I see pieces of nets woven by spiders hanging in the air. Flying. Sparrows sing. Moon is visible in the Southern direction and I can see Moonflower too and a baby owl was opening its wings as I was passing through the railway station where I didn’t sit for tea as it was crowded. I have my children carry me to the town.

Five Marks for spotting the Moon

2. I have no children.

. 3. There are dogs smelling each other’s asses. Ashes to ashes dust to dust. You must assess the passerby. There was a girl whose face seemed to be frozen.

4. Since it rained last evening and some in night the weather is pleasant. I read back my ideas and find that I do like the sound of my own voice. I downloaded snake app after it was recommended by mister Sardana. Mister Sarda never catches cold and other girls try to mimick his reading style. I can watch videos again.

5. I can’t see the stick I had thrown in the bushes. The chubby guy said “jack” before he let me pass through his street. His lane was different and I could have passed in silence but he needed to weave a story which would be completed later in the day when Ironmen are hard at work with police. The kid in the big wheel did not speak.

6. The city is turning into the Gotham city of DC comics. I just threw a leech off of my feet. I got another job offer but it might be a trap. I clearly know the pain of demonstrating my skills before they hire me. I am not sure if this job will be a good one or a bad one.

7. I need monies for teas and croanies. I am no taxpayer because I live below poverty line. I need a job as I am hungry for some food.

8. And they say I consider myself above my station in life. Whatever works for you. I have had enough of my current job and would like to get a change. A guy released 9 mules opening a shutter where they were resting during the night.

9. I belong to the cabal of gutka spotters. They make their marks wherever they go. You should be ashamed of yourself.

10. I had ease of operation ration had finished Finnish dish met metempsychotic hotspot photoshoot tooth sabertooth Bluetooth headset go goanna. Remember to say thank you to your beautiful host.

11. The Sun is visible now. I salute it.

… 12. It was not very crowded today. The guy with swastika painted on the wall of his house owns a black dog and he wanted to make his presence known like the white loud girl wearing the sleeveless. Being youngsters they’re impressionable. As for myself: I didn’t want to leave any even in my school days. If I ever enquired them about something that had happened it was merely to test and learn about their cache and read only memory. To check if they were as mindful as I was when the memory was created. Now I’m saying this in my mind but it’s only a memory.

13. Venus entered the sign Cancer yesterday. It’s a Friday. People leave no opportunity to show that as a member of some cult or faction they have done something graceful and they remain oblivious to the dancing light which is the ground of reality . In a group of three people I was the only one to have escaped it.

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