Japanese Guava Are Long!

1. Not long after the last article: medical Bhagwan made plenty of money outside the Bajrangi Bhaijaan temple. A policeman was scolding a young man. I changed the lane. The man on the tea stall before that was paid twenty rupees by Bajrang Sena for pitching this dialogue:

Sit on the dabba(box) and then they fuck you over!

2. Open to interpretation it’s evident that beating anyone by proxy: like grandmother was beating her grandson does this: creates a fear, which is merely passing down the mantle of Dharmata. The clear pattern is: there will be a policeman or an employee from PNC who will first salute you for no reason whatsoever. Then the other guy will beat you by proxy for no reason.

3. Noise pollution doesn’t exist. Bullets and trophy wives are never questioned. I had merely moved out of the Padmanabha Puram when I saw a Car parked. I remembered that I had taken a picture there earlier. I didn’t see who was inside the car when another car came from behind shaking on purpose to stop me on my way. The lady inside was exceedingly pleased by her husband’s heroism.

4. It’s not that the point third didn’t happen. It did. But I had no reactions whatsoever. For their effort I needed to acknowledge their presence but what made it later look like rich dad versus poor dad: the way police treats poor people.

5. The old man had a plaster on left hand. Upon being questioned: he said that a bramhin had beaten him a week ago in Bameetha where he was working.

6. No Bramhin beats people. I don’t know the details. The way he narrated the event was the highlight. Bramhin versus this or that. Why? Because Manu, Krishna or someone else had laid down some laws which are not understood by the most. No Bramhin beats people especially old people.

7. Pavitra’s father addressed me with “Daau.” He knew beforehand that something was going to happen. Why would you use an address for me which is reserved for local maafia? I call you bhaiya or brother and you also call me that or sir. I was not even elder in age. How is Dau justified ? It was not just the first time. Earlier the ocragenarian puritan took part in a conversation where he said: early risers…animals…wander in search of food here and there. Why hurt some one with those words if they don’t hurt you? You have certainly wasted your life old man.

8. Khanabadosh does following jobs:

A. Acts as a pimp.

B. Acts as a snitch.

C. Uses black magic.

D. Works on iron.

9. Wanderers had many traditions. The librarian had done a research on them but the fact that’s certain is: they were not the types who stay at a place for long. They can do as they please with me because I pass by them and they are richer than me. They are escorted by the police whereas I have not only been deserted by the community of birth but also by every other community for the simple reason of being utterly honest and not producing babies who grow up to pollute air, earth, water and make it difficult to live for everyone else.

10. Natarajan is my only witness and companion. The damsel who is never in distress has graced me.

11. Japanese Guava Are Long. Medical looters. Shamans who loot and pollute. There were too many autowallah playing romantic songs.

12. Grandmother’s sister was operated upon. At once I had found love in their care. For a month in my childhood. The last I saw of the man he was staring at me with an angry look as I was taking my mom to withdraw money from the bank. It was planned. Like Daau looking at me with angry look and other things. I want to get out of this place.

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