The Baby Owl!

1. Baby owl posed for a picture as Gengas were making much noise in a chorus before rising to a higher branch. I see an amazing dance as a gull walks shaking its head. The Auburn sky has a pink Sun behind the tree. Even the best of voices made by those dames are no match to this music being made by the birds and cows. They pick on the subtle vibration which is getting erased but hasn’t completely erased. This silence is not so still as it appears.

2. Three Moonflowers were dancing on a plant as I took the picture of the Ashvini Moon who was playing with the Artemis. A young woman I know said that she thought the picture of the moon was incredible.

3. It’s a Sunday and whether it’s going to be a lockdown is being discussed on tea stalls. I had to take biscuits with tea standing upright because the chairs are reserved for the illuminati. The stone piece was taken by the mustache neighbour. My neighborhood uncle went early morning to his job. I met almost nobody until the first tea stall. At first I asked the vendor for tea.

4. After the first tea stall there were boys talking about yesterday’s match. One of them joined me on the second tea stall for a tea. When I was sipping the tea, looking at the dance in the West, one of them shouted at me, taking me to be one of them. Four crows were traveling towards the North. Last evening there were boys escorting me and boys debating their accounts until I reached Maria Mata. There someone working for one politician or the other pitched this into my ear: Maria Mata is the place for the rich and the beautiful. “You have to steal from that.” As soon as I got up in the morning, there were boys dashing about to make the preparations. Like “Dick Laurent is dead,” of the lost highway it’s the devil waiting to stitch a pattern. I don’t know any seamstress. The open to interpretation songs are many floating in the air these days. The other day I saw a crow with a ring in its bill.

5. For some reason: all the dogs were agitated today. The truck which passed just now broke the silent stream with its flashy loud horn. Then I turned to look at the other thing that was going on: the boys were playing a game by rolling balls along the ice of the reservoir.

6. It was the second time Pavitra’s dad asked for a mesh to protect the Kadamba plant. I had asked him to check with the municipality guys because they support such activities. He said that he checked and there was no support. I shrugged.

7. The guy in evening asking for the way to Bijawar Naka at a place where dozens of people were present was not a coincidence or show. It was for preparing a ground in which Dick Laurent is dead could have been put. Couple of guys were showing leg to a dog and it was to me by proxy like the truck driver asking if this road goes to Panna. By my appearance he should not have used the term “Seth” for it’s the term reserved for the Mollock and its servants.

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