The judgement day!

1. I am here. And I was shown almost all the patterns and archetypes where I was used as a spinner. I judged people in my life based on certain patterns and they were changed with a different understanding.

2. The names , forms and shapes.

3. The house before it was not the same. Tunnel. And the change.

4. I met all my classmates and friends again and again. I had a death by heartattack yesterday and another by a surgery on brain today. I have been killed infinite number of times. Like other life forms which were killed via me by the same power which has been playing this game. The game of sowing seeds and harvesting the crops. Just like the old days I witness the memories when I no longer feel enthralled by the magicians.

5. The promise made by the teachers of humanity and prophets might merely be just like magical shows: yet they were all duly fulfilled. I am at the point zero and I recall the poetess and the programmer who wrote it. Run of the mill. Then peace. Then again run. Then the judgement day.

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