Mummies and Egyptian mysteries!

1. Mummies are here.

2. Egyptian mysteries have been here all along. I know now how pyramids were built. And how the Tajmahal and other forts or empires were built. I know by the grace of the dancing light.

3. I saw the play of balls. Ramalinga Swami Paradesi the prophet was the most authentic among authors who told how he achieved adept status. I had been through many cycles learning and forgetting but now consolidated wisdom says I must credit the sage Vallalar.

4. I went to the Cricket academy and after four days I was allowed to play for a few minutes with kids there. I had a good time walking in the stadium as it was in 2017 when I was studying knights of Templar. Thereafter I could never enter the stadium for two days in a row. The police van coloured blue said bye and came back today.

5. I have a better understanding of archetype necessary to feel free. I understand parallel evolution of worlds material and spiritual and this dance of gnosis doesn’t leave me. The internet or the fifth wave of interconnections is the grand revealation which was foretold by the Wachowski brothers.

6. Dreams have been fulfilled and I have been working in more capacities than I was aware of.

7. Mysteries revealed and unvieled.

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