White Path Was Not Always White! Ethereal shrine in Thillai!

1. After the initiation in Delhi: I was investigating mandalas. I was given two names at the moments of most severe headache and suffering. It was almost when I was delirious: first one was Vaibhav Choubey Galla Mandi, Chattarpur. Second was: Subhash Ahirvaar who used to visit the Gandhi smarak bhavan. Why were they special? Because the transition was unique and much needed. Family members or memes in form of popular politicians, friends or neighbours were tainted. But these people, the new ones had least amount of dirt and they signified my perfection in terms of being aware of transition between realms.

2. When the curtain was lifted: there was no sweetheart. I had many coconuts abound. I had spent time in search of perfect enlightenment for many eons. Was Ramalinga the Vallalar an adept, like Patanjali or Shakyamuni or was it merely a myth like Vaasudev Shri Krishna and Narayana the sage? I had spent many rounds merely deciphering lingo of Bundelkhand region comparing it to Hindi, Sanskrit and English words. Fractals, Teleportation and other technology remained mystery. Not more than what was available during childhood days in form of popular songs and videos was available. I learned to appreciate modesty. I learned to economize and to be charitable.

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