United Nations World Food Programme. Help Alleviate Hunger in the world.

I just raised 17000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here: https://freerice.com/apps

1. I had a nice meal after a long time.

2. I also had a glass of milk.

3. I went to the library of Gandhi Smarak Bhavan. There I helped cleanse the rack and enlist some more books in the new catalogue.

4. I got an opportunity to play cricket with my friend after I asked if I can join them in catching practice. The battery of the phone had drained pretty fast as I was listening to music early morning.

5. I calculated and I had only 70 rupees left for the next three days, which means only 20 rupees per day. One plate of Poha in breakfast needs 10 rupees everyday. I don’t have any scope for buying incense sticks to create fragrance in my room. I recognised that dysentery was because of taking cold milk and cold water for enema. I prepared my food by heating it and I saw a lizard wallowing in its own past.

6. As I was taking milk from the milkman who came from Chhaapar, he asked: what the tally counter that I was wearing was used for and I told him : “you can count on it.” I saw some goats coming from the left. They were all wearing Tilak and were coloured like people after the festival of Colors. The tone of the milkman indicated the insinuation for sacrifice. Inland Empire. David Lynch.

7. I saw a very young boy, carefree, roaming around the players. A kid was looking at the scab on his knee.

8. Puritans created Nazism. Aryans. To forgive helps to forget. It helps you absolve guilt. Let everyone live the way they feel peaceful. A man asked where Arya Ji was the moment I started cleansing the dirt on Kasturba Gandhi’s portrait. I showed them the way.

9. Couple of hours before the students arrive. I need to take some rest.

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