United Nations World Food Program: Free Rice!

I just raised 24000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here: https://freerice.com/apps

1. I went to stadium without an umbrella. It started to rain after I watched three boys play basketball.

2. At the pavilion: I observed some guys getting trained at various athletic exercises. I also observed a calm guy practicing meditation. I kept listening to divine melodies. My friends were playing cricket in the academy. They have cancelled the trip to Lavakushanagar. Vaibhav seems to have developed good bonding with the coach and the new entry from the Chetgiri Colony is an enthusiastic learner. The MVM boys who practiced catching the ball with me were disciplined in their approach.

3. I saw a student who took couple of English lessons from me when I used to go for long walks to Brijpura. I asked him why they stopped attending my classes and he replied: “girls in our batch had some problem.” The contract with the owner of the coaching didn’t mention any such problems. I tried my best to deliver and teach but he kind of disappeared from the scene : keeping the kids on the forefront. As on all previous occasions : whatever came through my mother, brothers or father or grandmother: always had duplicity or underhand tactics. Never stating clearly what was going on there. I was not there to take lessons but to teach and to earn a living. They made a joke of the contract and a joke of themselves as I had already written well in advance on this very blog. Good riddance.

4. I had a nice time in library reading some Vaishnava bhakti literature as I catalogued the books. Ankit: the oldest acquaintance in the Gandhi Bhavan greeted me from the “peeping tom” hole. I hastened to catalogue books and took no more than thirty minutes to get out. Two minutes extra.

5. It was rare to meet Dhaniraam outside the Poha shop near stadium. Prashant Khare and Vaibhav were present. They told that he never eats what is given to him and puts it on trees for birds. I didn’t know that about him. I gave him the samosa I was going to have and he also asked for a bit of Poha from the shop owner.

6. It was slightly difficult to walk as it was drizzling and slippers were slipping. I was also concerned about the safety of the smartphone.

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