United Nations World Food Programme:Free Rice:Help Alleviate The Hunger in the World!

I just raised 34000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here: https://freerice.com/apps

1. The kid said no to class. Job offer no longer stands.

2. I read a bit in the library and catalogued books.

3. I had clear visuals today. In stadium, in academy where I reached by crossing the gate. I have told many people about the tally counters which can be worn on fingers. They should be available for sell in this city. In my vicinity.

4. A zeera seller asked me directions and I saw him thrice. A lady wearing glasses with a mole mark below her nose stopped by to take a call and she took two calls. She had couple of advertisers with her on a bike whose number added to 13.

5. I have to buy a bathing soap and eat a bada paav with chilli worth rupees 10. Do I own this smartphone? Or is it a legacy device? If I do: there shouldn’t be manipulation of things I can easily handle: like listening to music, counting, reading and writing. If I don’t : of what use is this device anyway? I will never be more than a puppet: barely writing anything. Barely reading anything. Forgetting addresses I already knew. Bowing to every passerby without working on my own. Immortality should be perfect liberation. Powers that stay at all times. Not the mind control.

6. I practiced body postures, alternate nostril breathing and forced exhalation. I took bath twice and went to take milk in the kitchen but seeing that two people were already present in the kitchen: I moved out listening to music. Why would my phone’s music be controlled by someone else?

7. God gift. Science?

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