Hypothesis and Proof For Doctorate in Architectectonics!

1. I am sitting on a bench numbered 31. It is under a Margossa tree. I am sitting on the right side. Vehicles are passing. I sat here just six minutes ago. Three of them came on a passion bike. Now they’re chatting. I made entries into the list of books in the library catalogue. It was 46 books today. I read some passages. One of them was from Vikram Vetaal : the narrative is about the fountain of youth and immortality. Vikram and Vetaal are protagonists. The variation: here instead of Bhrithari who was supposed to be the elder brother of Vikram in the city of Ujjayini, Vikram is the elder brother and he’s the potentate of Chandrabhaan city. The Vikram Samvat or epoch was named after Vikramaditya and I remember having read ‘Simhasan Batteesee’ a long time ago. A young boy used to sit on a raised platform made of sand. Under it: a treasure was hidden but nobody was aware of it. The treasure belonged to that boy. The number of teeth : 32. The control mechanism: bones, teeth, tendons, muscles, sounds, electricity, words, letters and symbols. Archetypes are gross karmic layers in the collective consciousness. An alternate version of Bhagwad Geeta’s : kaamaat jaayte Krodha: in the context of four fold meanings of life for all beings in Bhagwad Geeta: activity follows rest. Ceaselessly activity or ceaseless rests are to be claimed only by those who keep playing all the times and never know any fatigue, unease or anxiety. Do such beings exists? I have to still meet one. Vestige is a company. I interpreted its meaning for a flower seller couple of years ago. In those days he had a chemical which dissolved warts. I didn’t have money to buy that. I don’t know the meaning of warts on body albeit they don’t look so good. The guy in the ashrama was using black Earth to massage his body so that it gets rid of excessive heat and gets healthy shining skin. Naturopathy.

2. Today the music didn’t get manipulated here. I wanted to test it. In the Cricket Academy it started happening before I expected it. The guy who was wearing crayon color yesterday was wearing black today.

3. Now I need to eat something. It has to be spicy. Like vadaa paav. I need to buy another plastic ball to continue practice.

4. Tricyclist. Theater people and such meet me everyday. I pay them no heed. Though I respect their art and skill: I need to focus on my own food and game.

5. It has been many days since I took tea. Though I have been consuming milk a lot lately. Not a lot, actually: just enough.

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