Oh my God-head Radix!

1. Oh my God-head radix.

2. I had 250 grams of fresh milk which I bought from the Neelesh milk dairy. It’s an unforeseen unprecedented event in my life: as symbolic as it must be.

3. I put some sugar into milk. I don’t know how I am going to pay for it: perhaps by buying half a kilogram of sugar once I can afford it: which might be tomorrow provided I can take it easy with budget.

4. It was fun running in the playground. Then solving Grammar questions inside Cricket academy ground where I realized that I needed to complete my reading of the Constitution of India. I have downloaded the PDF. The constituent assembly had 284 members with B. R. Ambedkar, Narsingh Rau and Mukherjee being chief architects.

5. The Magic of thinking big. Who moved my cheese. Bundeli festivals. I got to see a book which had the list of books Gandhi had read: there were 248 titles. It was compiled by Dharma Vir. The list mostly had books by Arnold Toynabee, Leo Tolstoy and Dada Bhai Naoroji. I didn’t see anything written by Oriental Philosophers : by Vedvyasa or Shankaracharya or Baadraayana. It might be because Gandhi had imbibed the elements of eastern philosophy quite early in his life and later on he went to study Western philosophy. He did try to take elementary lessons in Tamil and Arabic and he also studied Quran.

6. I have only five rupees coin left in my wallet. This does depreciate my market value but this smartphone is worth last one years of multiple sacrifices and untold miseries in pursuit of knowledge, happiness and peace. The madman seemed to be jerky today: his name is Dhaneeraam and he likes to dress. I called my student to ask him if he could check with his mother about the payment of my fees. He called me a few minutes later saying “you will get your rupees tomorrow.” This looks promising: along with the prospect of a new patch of road to recovery of my business.

7. I would like to teach Grammar and Vocabulary to that seventh standard student if I can. And if they are available and willing to receive the teaching. It might begin day after tomorrow. Fortunes change within minutes : who can tell what is going to happen in a few days.

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