The Day Like That One!

I just raised 40000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here:

1. Aakriti Kuntal meant shape and hair. She said : “It’s an ode to your brilliance. My father was also into investment. He used to write articles for NewYork Times.”

2. I counted the utensils after washing them up. The stainless steel doesn’t get oxydized because iron is doped with impurity. It’s strange: pure iron gets that layer which erodes it away but mixing it with carbon makes it immune to decay as it comes in contact with moisture. The Moon was shining beautifully besides the tower : I had been to that tower which had graffiti written on it. I was late for the appointment and they said they needed to walk: I gave them the walk away so that someone might have a piece of a candy in peace.

3. “You stopped reading by the time you reached the second standard. That’s why you are not going to make it to the third standard. Now let’s learn some new words from encyclopedia: which type of plate do you prefer? Stainless steel: flat or round? Disposable plates: foam mattress or Sinbad the sailor from the cave near the fish tank. You do know how to count : don’t you?”

4. Sydney Sheldon was his favorite author. “How many novels have you really written so far?” He asked as we went on a trip. It was as if I recalled a dream: I woke up and saw the Sun towards the South. Later on: that window seemed to have disappeared magically.

5. He again brought noodles. I was looking for the tenet in the offshore development center. Shore means bank of an ocean. Do oceans have boundaries? It was a current affairs magazine. Police sirens used to haunt him in his early childhood but now he knew that they might be municipal vehicles or ambulance vehicles for he had mastered his impulses and learnt to keep them in check. He had read all four of the books but did he really understand them?

6. The ancient bird was moving towards the South West. I had developed a fondness for Rod Serling’s TV series Twilight Zone. It was much ahead of its time. Three balls: crayon, green and pink. Do you have minutes for me or seconds? Asked Thomas. Victory for the journey.

7. This time around: we wrote 8000 letters : all to our friends. To liberate those who were suffering from fever or hunger. The question is: can writing letters to your friends make them feel better. Yes it can: provided it helps them learn as well. What is there to learn? After all those years : you still don’t know if the Earth is Round or Flat? For aeons and aeons.

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