Cricket: Trouble in the Paradise!

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1. I had some rest.

2. I got a new job offer. I reached slightly earlier. Took the class. While going to library after the class I was stopped by a biker for directions to a nearby temple. I thought I had given it as he saluted a pundit hence I started walking. The guy came again: I told him that entrance was just besides the transformer. Strange: I heard my demons saying: “show your license;” whereas no license was needed to walk on a ground I was familiar with. The posters were put on the twenty second and they were taken away after nine days.

3. A magic trick: I do remember when the pocket of this pant was torn: it was, after I had hit a football. I saw a policeman with a gesture of two besides the neem tree. I had stopped to drink some water. I was hungry and thirsty and I had no money. I recalled hilarious comical movie Peepli Live as it’s birthday of Lal Bahadur Shastri and Mahatama Gandhi tomorrow. As soon as I saw him: the tally counter which I had put in the left pocket: which was intact: seemed to be torn too: how else in the broad daylight: it was possible to get the counter cross from solid to liquid side? That’s the place I had seen a treasure too. A chest. I kept walking and took a turn to see that same fear was waiting for me in case of another optical illusion. It’s the very nature of optical illusions that occurred when I first reached to the academy ground. Upon closely observing there was no trace of magicians. Now you see me: three.

4. Hemlata: when it happened at first: I witnessed a young girl playing with a lizard fearlessly. Then the clan: man came to buy mango once. I recalled mega society’s journal Noesis: the emphasis was on amount of effort put into solving the tests designed by Ronald K. Hoefflin. Rick Rosner and Terrence Tao. Axe: a deodorant. Jason Axe: Friday the 13th series which was the dimension of chaos. She had requested me to teach her daughter. Then she asked me to wait until secretary was back. She was back and she greeted me from afar as I was moving towards the key hanger. She asked if I had been paid: my response was delayed: I recalled: I was paid once I mentioned my requirements to my students and focussed on teaching English Grammar and Vocabulary instead of teaching them all at once.

5. Red ladyfinger. Green ladyfinger. Aubergine. Green roots. I did see the youngest in the lot inside the Cricket Academy suggesting the association of the root with the animal dog which indicated loyalty. It was strange as far as logic was concerned: Jay was not too vocal yet he said something of significance. So did the disciplined MVM kid. They knew all the constellation signs. Hence Rohini : an archetype representative of Mrigshira or Taurus in general was recalled to resemble the face of four of them I knew one time or the other. Then I saw another resemblance: Maya or matrix was her name. A bike had ‘honey’ written behind it and I immediately recalled traps leading me towards inevitable surrender to this dimension where I lost my money and merits to an extent about eight years ago. I had played Cricket: it was obvious to revive my learning via this game played with balls. Yet: I was reluctant to run. Yesterday: the true meaning of ‘run’ was revealed. It meant: to run. To move with speed.

6. I had also been to Shealing Public School. Couple of kids came to work in the academy today. It looked fabulous to watch them all practice. It was an orchestra par excellent. I kept counting the number of balls thrown : it was about 210 balls in total. Shealing means: a shelter or refuge. A closely spaced group of huts for fishermen.

7. The students were optimal. My attention changes the quality of class. The problem is: sometimes I have too rich information to provide whereas they need me to slow down to basics. You might think teaching English or Vocabulary is easy. It’s not. It takes rigorous practice. It takes: counting, business, management, contacts and psychology along with discipline to be able to teach a class. And it takes a long time before you are paid with a decent salary. Dependencies tend to make you feel exploited. I think: uncertainty of life and nightmares like I had yesterday indicate: I was wrong about money most of my life. Having it makes you feel temporarily secure whereas in its absence you need to give up even the smallest of recreations, learning and development. No matter how good you think you are at them. I tried hard to inculcate minimalism among my neighbors and family of origin but I was not only met with immense resistance but also with magic. I had seen very few people practice minimalism as I did with as civility and I met immense resistance. It was becoming a Tokyo rapidly. Vegetable sellers. The nightmare had me watch my own body as darkness was eating my heart up: I wanted to see it suffering and to remove the root cause. Two of them: the haunting hounds who were using crooked means since long time were revealed to be behind most of the events. It said: “you needn’t become PM. Why are you doing this?” I was called home when wax in my ears was melting. And then the fall happened. If I had continued on my own : I would have been free and wealthy. It was the main reason.

8. I recalled: before those two who claimed to be friendly. Who came after five years in another setting : there were two who met me as I went to take admission into that academy with domes. The premise was spacious and it housed many pigeons as well as honeycombs. Little did I know that there was a conglomeration of adepts who were playing with me. Steven Greer’s documentary was out in the open. I hadn’t studied APJ Abdul Kalam’s book ‘Wings of Fire.’ in fact I disparaged him when I first heard about him. And this year turned about the vision. Twenty by twenty. It was the longest year. Most magical. Most fantastic. With Vallalar being the only accountable source of information on immortality. On reversal of aging. On vast effulgence of Grace. On Greek connection to Natarajan. On a game played with ball of nature of Sun which goes around the world. Planet Cricket. Multiverse. Height. Gravity. Time. Distance. Speed. Charge. Practice was hard to come by. I can’t say it’s what was promised. I am still looking for a space where no noises perturb for indefinite amount of time. That’s the only reward I was longing for since last fifteen years. My paradise was always troubled.

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