United Nations World Food Programme: Free Rice: Help Alleviate Hunger!

I just raised 44000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here: https://freerice.com/apps

1. I was paid my fees today after I requested my student. It was delayed by about one and half day. To feed myself I have to work hard these days.

2. I got the new job. I taught these new students at a new location. The guy who owns the room came flashing a tea cup as soon as it was five minutes more than the allotted hour. I was giving homework to the senior student. He directed a jab at me: “leave now or do you need tea or coffee?” These are poor people. Poor in spirit as well as knowledge.

3. As I was thinking about the guy who let me play Cricket with him in the academy: another group of four people came. They were polite but they had one leather ball. I knew from the onset that the bat was soon going to succumb to the ball.

4. The utility of cinema and movies: they do away with lust for mundane. Art is indeed the culmination of philosophy. The most refined expression. It’s made costlier, like sky, water, space, air and fresh ether day by day. You are crushed by taboos like death, sex, military and police so that life becomes more difficult than it already is. There are countless memes fighting with each other and vying for your attention. The end: two of them: light and darkness: freedom and slavery defining each other. I face the acute problem of being underpaid despite giving my best in teaching. The students and their surrounding area consume life force. In return: they wait for the moments when you are the weakest to attack you. Though you are supposed to honor all the contracts: nobody asks them about why they pay so little and that too with delay.

5. I visited the library knowing well it will be an exhibition on occasion of Gandhi’s birthday. I saw some thirty people over there. Most of them are unfamiliar. They’re all well fed people. Khaadi is so costly that I haven’t been able to buy even a single kurta in the last two three years.

6. I am free. A sovereign. I serve only myself. I see only myself. I am seeing sights never before seen. I am seeing magic tricks. The last few excruciating deaths only confirm that you can’t rely on family or friends. They are myths. It’s a non stop war as far as market is concerned. Lal Bahadur Shastri was also born on this day. The handpump given by the government scheme in the movie Peepli Live redirects you towards humorous side of poor people sacrificing themselves. I asked a guy about “Aatma Pariyojna” and he affirmed about having heard it.

7. I asked myself : if I was slave to money or environment. The gnosis revealed: money was a dense form of energy or food which was need to sustain life force. Minimalism was supposed to work for all of us combined. In a scheme where some people have hoarded for aeons : while you followed the precept of letting go: you are left with a bowl. The teachings of classic texts become the cause of your constant poverty. I shape environment and the environment shapes me. The academy ground was not as clean as the road where I used to go for walk. Come to think of it: in the last twenty five days there have been no municipality people to cleanse the ground. There are many who litter, drink and through stray paper as well as water pouches. Everyone likes cleanliness but it seems to be only up to me to maintain it at my house, in the academy ground as well as other places. It’s strange that these people feel no need to clean up their mess.

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