United Nations World Food Programme Free Rice Help Alleviate The Hunger in the World!

I just raised 48000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here: https://freerice.com/apps

1. I sweeped the room which was pending since long. I cleaned the handkerchief. I am practicing forced exhalation. At once I used to do it ten thousand times everyday. I need to get back into shape. The match I played today: I couldn’t score enough runs for my team.

2. Today, one of my students went to stadium with me. He can do six pull ups whereas I can only do about three. He still owes me twenty rupees which would be paid tomorrow when our books get clear and we begin a fresh month of learning English Grammar and Vocabulary for which I would be paid by the third of November. I need to be frugal to survive. There are many things which need to be bought but I barely have the budget to feed myself bread and milk everyday. I wonder how many people have even less than me.

3. I could rest well in the last few days. Binaural beats played a role in it. I fed myself well to get balance back. Gandhi’s last meal was richer than my average meals. This is a reflection on how minimalism is not for people living below poverty line. It’s for people who are well known or have millions in bank account as well as passports for every country in the world. I barely move around the city practicing minimalism in the last eight years. I was held captive since last thirty five years. And what freedom do I find after waking up?

4. Many magic shows and circus shows. Now I know how complex karmic webs are woven by authors. I am not bored because it’s an infinite adventure. A never-ending journey. An everlasting class. The bad news is: all help, magic and miracles are available when you’re delirious, feverish, have barely anything to eat or feed yourself. When you walk too long or run too long. When you beg or bend too low before others repeatedly for the same things they also need.

5. It was a pleasant Sunday. I have a smartphone which was gained when I had lost desire for it. With a delay of ten months. Revealing all karmic webs : individual, family, friends, neighborhood, architecture, municipal, logoi etc. I saw laotzu. One of my students needed it as well. Now all three of them have. The new batch has students who are too young to use a smartphone. I need to postpone all my requirements until I get my money back. Then I may buy some clothes, tennis balls, data recharge and other essential things.

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