A Decent Meal Needs A Huge Vocabulary!

1. I had a decent meal. I needed to wash clothes and utensils but I feel like not doing it because, first: I don’t have detergent. Second: to cleanse utensils means subjecting myself to voices which I might not like after having achieved this rare mind isolation. All miracles happen when you’re hungry, thirsty, scared and susceptible.

2. The peace. I called her to open the door. I had a nice time in evening at stadium. I played vocabulary jam on vocabulary.com and free rice quiz. I walked and ran a bit. Though sometimes it seems cumbersome to carry all this gear to the playground: I do remind myself that I have walked gearless, sat naked, walked naked and fearless and laughed at myself, zucchini, at the world at large. I have not known any mind isolation spoken of in Buddhist scriptures except through using earphones to suppress surrounding sounds. If listening to the inner sounds does result in achievements: I still fall short of achieving a sound proof hall of gnosis where I may sit indefinitely without life force getting sucked out of this body. A place where I am not purturbed by any sounds for as long as I want to. A place where I need not pay anything to stay comfortably for eons and eons. Since I am demanding it from the logos: it’s not from Jeevanmukta status. It’s from the adept status who has seen time loops and transcendence. Who has witnessed dance of death. I am demanding it because it has neither been fulfilled nor is it going to get fulfilled, rendering null all the tall claims made by all who came in that tradition. Since I have seen time and great time: the argument that it will take time is invalid.

3. Surangama sutra is invalid.

4. Yadgatva na nivartante tad dhaam parmam mam is invalid because the great time overpowers the Vaasudev in every scheme.

5. Liberation and bondage are both imaginary yet I wait for a transcendence where I am completely free from their ideas.

6. Lucid dreaming with such a huge amount of structures and work is neither lucid nor dreaming.

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