For a few pennies more!

1. Missus Rathore told me that she was only going to pay hundred rupees. Why? Because her child stopped coming to my class and didn’t let me know for four days. Further: she would only pay by the month end. It’s like this: leave whenever you want to. Your tutor calls you but you don’t attend the call and when you finally decide to pay him after a fifteen days delay: it’s as per your whim: counting from the day you decided to leave the tuition. Wasn’t she in on it? If not: she should take a greater responsibility for her child’s whimsical behavior. And though her child said that it was his classmate slowing him down: it was their combined decision to give up on the class. He was the one who brought the weaker student. My fault was to pay enough attention to the weaker one. To teach them to write proper Hindi and English and to teach using a reference book which is used by the Central Board of Secondary Education. They were on some different mission and three months was enough long to understand their aptitude. It happens. If my fifty rupees are eaten by a party : it only proves that I can be conned. Repeatedly.

2. I bowled 40 times in morning. It was an exercise good enough to make me sweat. As I was entering the class: a baby who had seen a monkey as per her mother’s account was running towards her elders with a smartphone in hand. I recalled Ramana Maharishi’s ‘monkey’ episode(vervet) from his collected conversations. I AM THAT I AM.

3. All the advocate of ethics who come running after you to make you retire from your comfortable abode of peace and to strive after pennies are never found around when it’s time to pay remunerations. A moustached guy was asking for mustard oil. For no fault of moustached guy or oil merchants. King Bhoja and Gangoo the oilman.

4. There was trimming of branches of trees everywhere by the electricity board. These branches were obstructing wiring.

5. The mature student who took part in the discussion on hereafter wanted to rest today.

6. I never thought that my writing would be dedicated to collection of pennies. To count the rice grains donated and to count the number of jobs where I meet with same people: who lack discipline to learn and who are unwilling to pay enough money. There is no subsidy for internet recharge. No free instantaneous PAN card creation. No real jobs which pay you for your skills. Only exploitation. My mother and her colleague as well as so called father exploited my services : in their school and for other purposes : giving pennies as well as calling names in loud voices. They are already roiling in their filth. More to follow them soon. I asked them to keep business of education separate from business of cleavage. They couldn’t.

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