Mr. Gandhi And Goats.


Don’t disappoint your goats, Gandhiji.

Don’t disappoint your goats.

They are longing to see Old England.

And have booked by the train and boats.

So do not be unkind, Gandhiji.

Don’t put a sob in their throats.

If You have to stay behind Gandhiji,

Do let us welcome the Goats.

–Daily Mail.

Note: Gandhi’s preference for goat’s milk was a subject of amusement to foreign journalists and cartoonists unfriendly to the political objectives he championed. What was simply a question of diet for Gandhi was elevated into a cult by his detractors. Here is a Poy of the Daily Mail, London, noted for its baiting of Indian nationalism and nationalists, having a jibe at him at the time of preparations for the round table talks.

Gandhi in Cartoons, Navjeevan Trust Publishing, Copyright 1970.

Courtesy: Library Gandhi Smarak Bhavan, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh.

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