Adventures Early Morning!

1. It’s as hot as a Summer day. I had a plate of poha after couple of samosas. The guy who had narrated the background story about Dhaniram was serving Poha today. He used to have a juice shop in Summers of two thousand and eighteen.

2. The juice shop was besides the Aggrawal Travel Agency. His sniding remark was about “father shooting with license and the son without licence: ” that, along with his younger sibling digesting my ten rupees while I ordered a second glass of mango juice as a damsel appeared: remains as a bitter memory. The parting remark by another customer was related to Kaalratri where I first made it to Pradeep Khare and later narrated it to my sibling and others. What kind of execution goes into making this possible?

3. A lot indeed. Unless you read the last post about Dhaniram : you won’t see the link. The credit is obviously to the juice seller. Yet: his bitter remarks stand out with ‘panu atthe chaalees’ tutor who had it a custom to beat his students by pressing a sand particle in their ears. Used a gents bicycle. Used to wear the ear ring. Worst tutor. Only second in rank to Manoj Chaturvedi. These people are possessed by goblins.

4. My history with the juice seller turned poha seller isn’t more than that. That I chose to go to poha shop instead of the vada shop as I had decided(because it was crowded): that I saw and recognised him instead of the usual scissor wielder: that he started talking along the thread : is man made machination. This is infamy or popularity. Sow what you reap.

5. I had to jump over the stadium door on the Eastern side. It was a cake walk as far as action is concerned but waiting for boys to clear out before they made at least one or two remarks meant letting my imagination remind me of agoraphobia and acrophobia both in a short span of time. I think it’s enough of adventure for a morning : given that it’s not a cold weather yet. The first day on roof doing breathing and secretary of the institution where I am writing this note doesn’t miss to ask about the construction work.

6. Come to think of it Enola Holmes might be the biggest movie I have seen this year. I could watch only for ninety six minutes. It’s clearly about the women empowerment. Going into background of heroes and completely disregarding them happens when genres have become hackneyed. Women empowerment in a matriarchal country. Who are we kidding with? Gender bender is the greatest of deceptions.

7. I bowled 30 times yet it was plenty of perspiration. Still dehydrated.

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