A Relevant Verse By Atal Bihari Vajpayee!

Worship of Mother banned!

The verse in Hindi was written by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It was written when he was taken captive during emergency.

The front of this book has an image in which Indira Gandhi, then prime minister, has been portrayed as incarnation of Parashuram. Parashuram is considered to be incarnation of Vishnu who is God-head.

The book was published in 1977. Modern Printers, 21 Dariyaganj, New Delhi. By Saraswati Vihar.

Image courtesy: Gandhi Smarak Bhavan Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh.

Another which stood out has to do with ‘tantra’ being more powerful than ‘mantra’. Billboards succeed where mantras fail. Reference to journeys.

I was slightly mollycoddled to publish this by Kabir’s verse enacted by Agni band.

Owing to lack of time I am not able to translate the verse into English at present. My apologies to English readers of this blog.

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